Honours Project

I am now in my 4th and final year of my degree in Product Design at the University of Dundee, the past 2 months have been spent in phase 0; researching my chosen areas of interest and writing my brief. Now that has been done, I can display my clear plan for my project, including my product style, demographic, tone of voice and branding.

I want to create a product which opens the user’s eyes to an alternative to the nation’s throw-away nature, through zero waste and incorporating minimal packaging as part of the product. The choice of materials used is vital, as it must be suitable for both the packaging and the final product. This means it must be lightweight and damage resistant, with a desirable finish but also be sustainable. To help the consumer develop an attachment to the product it will be semi-completed, allowing them to add the final design touches to personalise their purchase, this will cause the user to be less likely to throw it away and replace the product.

I am spending a lot of time looking into the materials for this project and how to appeal to my demographic through my branding and visual language. Ideally, I want to product to sell itself, and not rely on the eco-friendly aspect to attract custom.


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