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NCR Brief

In my first semester of 3rd year, I was given a project brief from NCR. The brief involved designing a new self service method for supermarkets, this could be anything from a new type of checkout, to new systems to help people with disabilities.

My research helped me find out that the main users of the current self service systems are those customers who are on the go, who want to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible with only a few items. I decided that they would be my target market.


Research Board

Concept Board

The System


Customers are given the option of depositing either cash or their user card, in return for the hand held scanner. The user will then scan each item they take from the shelves as they place them in their bags. Each item scanned is recorded on the hand-held device which keeps a total of the price and the weight. With each item, the screen displays a small amount of information, and suggestions for products that would go well.


A large part of this concept is the recycling aspect. Users will use their own “bags for life” while doing their shopping as the process will only be for quick shops, of 20 items or less”.
This means that if customers wish to use the scanners which are designed for fast paced shopping, they will have to provide their own bags or purchase a new one, encouraging them to recycle. This will have a huge environmental impact as last year, customers of the UK were going through 475m bags per month.

Cash Scales

When the Customer has completed their shopping, scanning their 20 items or less as they go, they simply have to synchronise the hand set with the checkout, then place their bag on the scales. When everything matches up, they pay and leave the store, preventing any queues from being formed.

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