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Touch pad testing

I began prototyping different types of pressure sensors, with different materials to see which would react the best. This is a video showing the first prototype, made from two layers of perspex held together with a wooden frame and a piezo sensor between them. The test circuit is a simple one using two LED’s, one green and one yellow. The idea is when the pad is tapped lightly, the green LED will flash and when a heavier touch is used, the yellow LED will light.


musical shoes


ridiculously cool, it would be so good to be able to mix music with natural movements such as just stomping your feet.

It seems as though if products like this continue to be developed then it wont be long untill absolutely anybody could start making music, as long as they had a bit of rhythm..

machine orchestra


pretty damn cool tbh, a wee bit of inspiration for Demo Mode, although i doubt i’d have the patience to go through as much coding etc as that…



pretty cool concept, along the same kind of idea i’ve been messing around with in the studio’s!

Demo Mode, so far…

So far in this project, we have been playing around with the coding and hardware to try and make working circuits. Incorporating LDR’s, LED’s and loud speakers to experiment different ways of controlling the output by using a different input method.

One example was using an LDR linked to the loudspeaker, so that when I covered it with my hand the speaker would play sound. This is a very simple concept, but done on a larger scale with multiple speakers and LDR’s could be used to create full tracks in a fun and interactive way.

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping the different area’s/options available for the project to generate idea’s

Sketch Book

Start of 100 idea's

developing the 100 concepts is very important as it makes sure that every area is covered, and also that the chosen design is the most suitable.

The Brief

Gordon Kedslie & Gemma Maclean.

Product Design @ Dundee University

Interaction Design:Demo Mode.

Our brief is to design a playful interaction between a digital input and an analogue output, or vice versa. This could be an object playing along to a specific track, or the music itself being generated by its surrounding environment.

Watch this space.

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