The Uncasing

After waiting for the mycelium to grow throughout the wood shavings, I unscrewed the mould to find… mould! Thankfully this is what I was hoping for as the two materials had bonded together to create a spongey substrate. Unfortunately the first run didn’t come out perfectly as it didn’t quite spread to all corners, and removing it from the center block was a bit trickier than I had expected. I had to break the edges off to keep it in good form, so after baking it in the oven for a while to kill off the spores, hopefully there will be a good consistency! Even though this attempt wasn’t a full success, I learned a lot about the process and how to improve it for the next step, such as using finer sawdust to increase the density, lining the core with a slicker surface and reshaping the mould slightly to allow it come free more easily. 2013-03-25 12.05.28 2013-03-25 12.06.38 2013-03-25 12.14.13


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