Throughout phase 1 of my project I researched deeply into the specifics of my product; what it could be, what it could be made from, what its purposes could be and also why it is what it is.

I have narrowed down my direction to secondary functions for packaging, more specifically laptop packaging. I still want to create the packaging with zero waste, so with this in mind I made my final decisions on how to secure the laptop and keep it safe during delivery. This will be done through a styrofoam-like substance created through a mix of mycelium(the “roots” of mushrooms) and agricultural by-products(rice hulls and oat husks etc). When mixed together and kept under the correct conditions the mycelium will grow and spread through the by-product to create a foam with similar qualities as styrofoam but without the decomposition issues of plastics. This will be substantial protection for the laptop and also be completely biodegradable so that the consumer can throw it away into their garden with no harm being done to the environment.


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