The material choice for my packaging is crucial, as it must be lightweight and durable for delivery purposes, while also remaining aesthetically pleasing for when in use of its secondary function. I would also like the feel of the material to engage the user so that it is pleasing to use, and does not feel so much like a recycled product, but more like it was designed most importantly for this purpose.

I have been testing different materials to get an idea of which best suits the project, some of which are; paper, card, expanded polypropylene, bamboo and a selection of veneers. At this stage I am more inclined towards a card based outer packaging which can then be used in an origami-style method to convert from the box to the secondary product. If the inner sides of the box are lined with a smooth surface or perhaps a canvas type material with artwork displayed then it would be protected by the outer card, which if damaged at all during delivery, is folded inwards and hidden.


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