Producer Responsibility

“Producer responsibility is about making sure businesses that manufacture, import and sell certain products are responsible for those products once they become waste.”


This law covers packaging, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and vehicles.  Over 10 million tonnes of packaging waste arises in the UK per year from industry, commerce and households. This is a staggering amount of material to be throwing away! Of this we manage to take more than 6 million tonnes of packaging waste for recovery either in the UK or overseas. This is a great a improvement on recent years, however that still leaves 4 million tonnes being left in landfills, every year. The more that we can re-use, the better it is for the environment, and for business, as those who can cut back on wasteful packaging can save huge amounts of money without compromising their products quality or security. In fact, those who do, tend to improve their products image as well as their business’s.


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