Michelin Project

During my second semester of 3rd year, our engineering class went on a trip to the Michelin factory in Dundee. While there, we were given project briefs to complete over the next few weeks.
There was a different brief for each group, my group, which was myself, Connor Izatt, Karen Kerr, Rob Gasken and Lavante were shown the current method in place for transferring the inner lining of rubber for the tires across a conveyor system. They have been using compressed air to create a buffer between the rubber and the work surface to minimise the friction, as effective as this is, it is also expensive. We developed a few different concepts in an attempt to save them money and increase productivity.


Each of the concepts presented are interchangeable so that the preferred elements of each could be used if it would provide a better service. This is important as without physical testing of each concept, it is very difficult to know which would perform the best in the working environment. For example, the near frictionless carbon coating could be applied to any of the other concepts, the dimension alterations could also be used on each method depending on which Michelin prefer.


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