Kronospan Concept

As part of my research for this brief, I spent a lot of time looking into how people actually learn. I found there are a few different methods, one of which is the holistic method.
Holistic learning is all about the way your brain accesses and stores information. Most people nowadays own a computer, which will keep all of their files and documents neatly stored in different folders, so that when needed, they can be easily found. This is not how your brain works, instead of separating subjects into folders, everything is woven together so that each subject is linked and memory’s spread through different areas of your brain. For this reason, I decided to base my concept around helping students remember and link their work in a way that comes natural to them.

Above are a few initial sketches of how my concept could look. The desk will have a clear screen over the top with just enough space underneath for students to place their notes/working/example papers etc. Once their work is under the screen, students will work on their desk as usual, with everything in plane sight. Each desk will come with marker pens which can be used to highlight and link up important information from under the screen. The concept is that the students will be able to work on top of a desk sized mind-map, helping them to follow example problems, check their notes and develop their own system of learning which suits them best.

Remember these are initial sketches and there is a lot of development in the design still to come!


One thought on “Kronospan Concept

  1. pat says:

    Great idea! how clever, I like that visual connection. Best of luck to you – there are loadds of applications and ways forward, well done!!

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