Mobile Phone Dock

In my first semester of 3rd year, we were given the task of creating our own micro-controller project embedded in a product produced on the rapid prototyping machine. This involved writing the full code to operate the controller, building a circuit board, drawing up a 3D model on solid works, and then having it produced as a tangible product.

My chosen product was a universal dock for mobile phones. The idea is for it to work the same as a house phones dock, so that when placed in it, if it rings, it rings through speakers throughout the whole house so you can hear it from which ever room you are in. This will also help the very common, time consuming problem of trying to find your mobile before leaving the house. The dock could be located by the front door so you know it will always be there coming in and going out of the house.

The components of the dock are as follows: An LDR (light dependent resistor), a Push to Make switch, Loudspeaker, 4 LED bulbs and a few resistors.
When the user places their phone on the dock, it presses the switch down, this activates the dock. Once active, the LDR begins picking up light readings, so when the phone begins to ring or receives a text, the screen lights up and is detected by the LDR. When this happens, the LED’s begin to flash and the loudspeakers throughout the house begin to play, alerting the user to their phones activity regardless of where they are in the house.


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