Design & The Market

This is a module lead by Mike Press and Christina Hirst, its aims are to develop students entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of the business world in relation to their practice of design.
I have been encouraged to look into current business models then innovate and design new business ventures which will hopefully enhance my employability or even give me the foundation to start my own. I will also have the opportunity to work with outside organisations and professionals to benefit from their knowledge and experiences and to also develop contacts to aid me in my future career as a designer.
A large part of this module is maintaining a blog, which I am already doing, so all of the information is documented right here and can be accessed through the “design studies” tab at the top of my page(but you probably already knew that, if you’re reading this..).
This blog will be documenting my personal enterprise plan which details my research, sources of advice, information and my objectives as this plan will be the starting point for my self directed study in 4th year.

My first piece of work for this module is to do some background research on a designer/company with my group members for the “Enterprise Research Project”, then interview with them to gain as much valuable information on their business module as possible to be presented to my tutors.


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