Design Studies: Aphasia Awareness

This year in design studies we have been working with people who have suffered a stroke and as a result now have a communication problem called aphasia.

Our aim is to raise as much awareness about aphasia to the general public, so that when they interact with someone with a communication problem they know how to deal with the situation making it as easy as possible for everyone involved.

The concept that we  have come up with is to use manikins to represent people with aphasia, and place a number of them in busy public places. Each manikin will tell the story of a different person, how their life was before the stroke, how it is now, and an example of the struggle they go through with simple every day tasks.

We are undecided on how to display the information, either by printing the text on the manikin body, to have leaflets for the public to take away, or to maybe use an interactive video. Some more research is required to work out which would be the most suitable way to draw in the public and to really keep them interested in our campaign.

The long term goal is to have an event such as this in every major city to spread the word as far as possible, the more people who know and understand what aphasia is and how to help those who suffer from it, the easier it makes life for those who do.


This link has a lot of information on the subject for anyone who isn’t familiar with the disability.


One thought on “Design Studies: Aphasia Awareness

  1. Andrew says:

    Nice concept, has interesting possibilities, things to address could be;
    -the durability of the item?
    -what pattern of tone across the tiles would suit people best?
    -what options could there be in terms of size, style and tone?

    Just spittballing to try and help get some creative juices flowing.

    Have a good one,


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